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Emily Hopewell, PhD, MT

Emily Hopewell is the Director of Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing and an Assistant Professor in Clinical Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University. She has over a decade of cellular therapy and laboratory experience. She received her PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of South Florida in 2012. She started her career as a Cell Therapy Technologist at the Moffitt Cancer in 2003. After completing her PhD in Cancer Biology at the University of South Florida in 2012, she returned to the Cell Therapy Facility as a Development Specialist and then Assistant Technical Director. She joined Indiana University in 2018 and is charged with building and implementing manufacturing for Cell, Gene and Immune Therapy at IU. She has extensive experience with both standard stem cell therapy, as well as the next generation of cell and gene therapy, including contract manufacturing and FDA and FACT regulatory compliance.

She is active in the cellular therapy field, with a focus on educating professionals and providing career development opportunities. She is a member of the Early Stage Professionals committee at ISCT and has been instrumental in developing the ESP Mentoring Program. She was appointed as Interim Global Treasurer for ISCT in June 2019, and as such, sits on the Board of Directors, the Executive Management Committee, and is chair of the ISCT Finance and Audit Committee. She is also active in AABB as a member of the Cell Therapy Education Committee and was recently named as a Society for Immunotherapy in Cancer (SITC) representative for the annual Cell Therapy Liaison Meeting with the FDA and Co-Chair of the SITC Regulatory Subcommittee.