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Ricardo Baptista, PhD

Ricardo P. Baptista is the Director of Process and Analytical Development at Cellectis. Prior to Cellectis, he held the role of Lead Scientist at The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, London. He was in charge of Catapult’s programs for developing process and analytical platforms for large-scale manufacturing of allogeneic cell therapy products, namely derived from pluripotent stem cells. Ricardo’s expertise includes scaling bioprocesses with several therapeutic cell types (e.g. NK cells, hESC/hiPSC, HSCs, MSCs, and others) and Business Development in the cell therapy industry, skills he acquired through roles at CGT Catapult and CCRM (Canada).

Ricardo is a Biological Engineer by training. He obtained his PhD in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, with studies in stability of mouse prion protein and strategies for protein structure/function stabilization. His academic path includes research in Joaquim Cabral’s Stem Cell Bioengineering Lab in Lisbon and Peter Zandstra Stem Cell Bioengineering Lab in Toronto.