Accelerating Adoption: From Proof of Concept to Standard of Care

A Continued Commitment

As the leading global Society focused on the translation of cell and gene therapy, our mission remains as important as ever in the face of these uncertain times. 

The CGT field has shown immense resilience as it rapidly evolves, and so must ISCT. 

We are thus excited to showcase scientific excellence and innovations as we Accelerate Adoption: From Proof of Concept to Standard of Care through a restructured ISCT 2020 Annual Meeting.


Live Plenaries

Six live sessions on groundbreaking innovations in the cell and gene therapy field, hosted by leading experts

On-Demand for 12 Months

Continued access and networking infrastrucure for all attendees throughout 2021

A Highly Curated Program

Thirty sessions, hand picked by our program committee, based on the newest innovations in the field

Our Virtual Meeting

Our meeting includes:

  • A highly curated scientific program addressing the full cell & gene therapy development spectrum

  • 30 unique sessions, 45+ hours of live and on demand streaming, and access to a global line-up of leading experts in CGT translation.  

  • 6 live broadcasted Plenary Sessions highlighting the latest advancements in basic research, pre-clinical studies and clinical trials for a variety of therapeutic modalities including MSCs, immune effector cells, exosomes, gene-engineered cells, and iPSCs.

  • Feature presentations from key industry leaders sharing critical strategies to tackle scale up and optimization challenges.

  • A spotlight on quality implications and operational considerations for the success of cell & gene therapy development.

  • Over 450 abstracts discussing the latest data and research outputs from your peers within an interactive platform.

Technical support and how to access

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Live Plenaries

On-Demand Panel Sessions

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